Diabetes bowel incontinence, A bél inkontinencia oka a kutya lerakására?

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Dietetics Dietetics or nutrition science deals with the establishment of a healthy diet. Most of the diseases can be partially or totally cured by an appropriate, personalised diet according to the given disease.

It is worth to contact a dietician if you are overweighted, obese, if you have diabetes, insulin resistance, gestational diabetes, gastrointestinal diseases ulcers, gallbladder and liver diseases, inflammatory bowel diseases, gastrointestinal tumoursrenal diseases, heart and circulatory diseases, or if you just like to switch to a healthier lifestyle and diet.

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Contrary to popular belief, an appropriate diet does not mean only restrictions and a period full of difficulty and mortification, but rather a properly designed diet and lifestyle what is easy to follow during the long-term daily routine. At the first visit, your dietary history will be recorded, your nutritional state will diabetes bowel incontinence determined and your body mass index BMI will be calculated.

Our dietician defines the basic diet and meal preparation rules to follow and helps you to create your weekly menu.

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The consultation can be much more effective, if you bring a dietary log with you, thus at the first visit, the points to be changed during the planned lifestyle change can be revealed upon the evaluation of the log.