Type 1 diabetes with hypertension icd 10

  1. ICD kód a nem inzulinfüggő diabetes mellitus esetében
  2. Pathophysiology of obesity-induced insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes mellitus.
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  4. ICD kód a nem inzulinfüggő diabetes mellitus esetében Az inzulinfüggő cukorbetegségre jellemző teszt Diabetes mellitus A diabetes mellitus, tekintet nélkül a háttérben álló ok ok ra, három szakaszra osztható: 1.
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Your current browser may not support copying via this button. Link copied successfully Copy link Browse our Medical Journals - AKJournals Among all scientific traditions alive, medical publishing has a good chance to be the oldest. Since then, hundreds of medical journals have been published worldwide.

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Discover the latest journals in Medical and Health Sciences The primary function of medical articles is the validation of cutting-edge theoretical and clinical research, by providing reference and relevant forums. New drugs and medical practices can only enter the mainstream practise if their randomised trials had passed under the critical lens of prestigious peer reviewed journals.

Technical reports help practitioners to improve their arsenal. Case reports confirm theories and provide tools for investigating or disclosing possible malpractice.

ICD kód a nem inzulinfüggő diabetes mellitus esetében

Review articles serve educational purposes. Some more popular articles may play a role in educating the interested audience.

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Types of medical articles The papers published in medical journals can be classified in the following main categories Research articles report about novel research results, of both theoretical and direct or indirect practical relevance. Review articles survey specific topics by summarising and analysing all information available in the medical literature.

Inzulin-függő diabetes mellitus kód ICB 10

Reviews are kind of combining results from different studies on the same topic. They can be useful for specialists in the field, may help them to prevent, diagnose, or treat a particular disease. Case reports and case series reports about a concrete story of a concrete patient.

A Mágikus Fogalomképzés Skála az egyik leggyakrabban alkalmazott önjellemző kérdőív, amelyet a pszichózisra való hajlam feltárására dolgoztak ki. Meglepő azonban, hogy a Mágikus Fogalomképzés Skála pszicho­ metriai jellemzőit klinikai mintán szinte alig vizsgálták. Módszerek: A kérdőív faktorszerkezetét megerősítő egydimenziós, többdimenziós szerkezet, bifaktoros elrendezés és feltáró faktorelemzések, valamint parallel­elemzések segítségével vizsgáltuk. A skálák megbízhatóságát a hagyományos módszerek mellett pl. Cronbach­α modellalapú megbízhatósági becslésekkel hierarchikus ómega is jellemeztük.

They can be interesting because of their uniqueness, not matching any known diagnosis or describing unexpected symptoms. Case series are related reports about similarly treated patients. Editorials are typically not peer reviewed shorter communications from senior members of the Editorial Board or from invited renown scholars.

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They discuss questions of relevance for the scientific community at the moment say, about public health, or more generally, the health system. Letters to the editor are articles of the interactive type, a form for readers to contact the medical journal. They can express comments, questions, or criticisms regarding type 1 diabetes with hypertension icd 10 articles published in that journal.

Az ICD 10 diabetes mellitus inzulinigénye

They provide a sophisticated forum for medical communities. Three of them are in Hungarian.

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The other six journals are in English and accept submissions from all over the world. Some of them are widely available Open Access journals.

Diabetes Type 1 and Type 2, Animation.

The covered topics include immunology, medical imaging, physiology, and veterinary and health care science. In these journals, you can find more than A filter tool helps to single out the relevant titles. In addition to that, we highly recommend using the search box to find the most important topics only View more You are looking at 9, - 9, of 12, items for : Medical and Health Sciences x Refine by Access: All Content x.