Diabetes higher heart rate, Associated Data

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If, however, they lose weight their chances may be lowered, experts say. Kirsten Johansen, a professor in the division of nephrology at the University of California, San Francisco. Johansen, who wrote an accompanying editorial with the study, said that "this gives us one more reason we need to address diabetes higher heart rate obesity and overweight, but it's hard to do.

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Johansen, however, is optimistic. If we can turn this around, it could go down quickly as well," she said.

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It's easier to get kids to drink soda than eat vegetables. For the study, a team led by Dr. The researchers then linked these teens to the Israeli end-stage kidney disease registry.

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Over 30 years of follow-up, they found more than men and women developed end-stage kidney disease. Vivante's group estimated being overweight or obese and being treated for diabetes increased the risk of developing end-stage kidney disease.

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The risk was increased sixfold for those who were overweight and 19 times for those who were obese, the researchers reported. They noted, as expected, the risk for kidney disease was significant for those who were diabetic.

Diabetes and Heart Disease

However, the risk was also significant for those who didn't have diabetes. BMI, or body mass index, is a measurement that takes into account height and weight.

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This was a study of association and can't really prove that overweight and obesity cause kidney failure, said Dr. In this case, the findings suggest obesity is an important risk factor for end-stage kidney disease and that much of this may be accounted for by diabetes, for which obesity is a well-established risk factor, and which, in turn, is a major cause of kidney disease, Katz said.

But this study suggests we have one," Katz said.

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National Library of Medicine.